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Did you know that over half of today’s workforce is unhappy?

Since there are about 3.32 Billion employed worldwide, that’s a lot of unhappy people!

No one should ever feel like they’re stuck or in a dead-end job.

Fear can be a big obstacle in the job search process. But there are other reasons that can lead to dissatisfaction at work, too. These would include not having a clear direction for your career, feeling like your career doesn't have a purpose, lack of growth opportunities, poor corporate culture, and a desire to seek new professional challenges, among others. If you’re curious about exploring New Career Directions, let’s schedule a complimentary career coaching session to discuss the possibilities.

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If you’re in search of Career Coaching, Interview Preparation Coaching, Resume Writing, Talent and Leadership Development or Outplacement, I can help. There are several ways for us to explore New Career Directions….

FREE 30-min Career Coaching Session

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Private Career Coaching

Private Career Coaching

Working one on one with an experienced Career Coach is a powerful way to reach your career goals. Whether you’re interested in growing your career by moving up the ladder, changing careers, or have been affected by downsizing, Career Coaching is the secret sauce. Together we can strategize about your next role, put your career on the fast track, or create a completely new job search strategy. The implementation of the plan we create will include tactical action-oriented outcomes, that pinpoint the direction you should take and where I can provide the most support. We’ll also ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are properly branded to get you interviews!  I’ve summarized my career coaching packages below, and I can also offer custom-designed options. 


Resume Writing

The different resume styles and their effectiveness in landing interviews is constantly changing. Did you know that only 2% of resumes result in an interview? This is a shockingly low percentage. Dusting off your old resume and just updating it is an out-of-date and ineffective strategy. Major employers today now have highly sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and some are now embedded with AI to screen and rank every resume. Unfortunately, if your resume does not pass through this highly technical screening process, you won’t get the opportunity to interview. Is that a chance that you’d be willing to take? Studies have shown that those who invest in a professionally written resume, increase their chances of success by 32%. As we work together to write your resume and plan your Professional Branding Campaign, we will hone in on your key accomplishments. We’ll also highlight your experience with relevant key words in order to raise your ATS rankings. 

Talent and Leadership Development

Here's what some of my corporate clients are saying:

"Lisa, you were a super big hit!!"

“Your presentation was excellent, and it was great that so many participated! It’s often difficult to get much participation at all with such a large group, whether virtual or in person. It was nice to see! We certainly look forward to having you back in the future. You’ve been a wonderful addition to our team!”

I’ve taught these programs to Executives, Individual Contributors, Trainees, and Interns.

Some of my Talent and Leadership Development Programs include:

*LinkedIn Networking and Online Presence

Did you know that a fully developed LinkedIn Profile yields 40 times the results versus one that is only half filled out?

  • During this workshop I will teach your team how to generate more relevant prospects and increase sales by properly building rapport with cold leads and prospects. I’ll provide live examples of effective invites, posting, commenting, and messaging. We will touch on topics such as good conversation starters, and how to plan the timing of messages. We will also create a LinkedIn Activity Calendar. In addition, I will work with your team to develop their LinkedIn profiles to the fullest! We will fine-tune their profiles so they represent the individual and the employer at their best. The goals for this workshop are to teach and reinforce the best practices of using the free version of LinkedIn. This workshop will enhance your team members' name and your company branding, through the creation of a professional looking profile that includes a banner, key words, and profile video. This will allow your team to maximize their fullest potential on LinkedIn!

*I have the experience of workshopping and creating over 100+ LinkedIn profiles at one time.

*Video Messaging

Video messaging has been increasing 93% year over year!

  • Video messaging is on the rise for sales prospecting and customer conversations. Studies show that the average attention span today is around 8 seconds, which means that a lot of your email communication isn’t read! This workshop will teach your team how to create videos for LinkedIn, and email videos using Loom and/or Vidyard. Workshop participants learn by creating a variety of their own videos, which can then be used for prospecting. During this workshop we will practice proper lighting, dress, and how to improve hand and head movements. We’ll also create a video message for LinkedIn profile photos.

*Growing a Professional Network

There is no stronger tool in business than a powerful professional network.

  • Building authority and creating a strong stream of referrals are only a few of the benefits of developing a professional network. During this workshop we will discuss who you should target for your network. We’ll also discuss the importance of knowing and demonstrating your value, in other words what you “bring to the table.” Some of the key concepts covered in this workshop will be that networking is a reciprocal relationship, ways to build a robust network, along with guidance for in-person and virtual networking.

*Communications, Verbal, Written and In-Person

Did you know that it takes less than 7 seconds to make a first impression?


  • Being able to read body language is the Number #1 skill that ensures making an excellent first impression. During this workshop we’ll discuss various modes of communication. Whether interactions are in-person, virtual, or written, our tone and body language can convey several messages. These practical skills are benefit all, including those on a leadership journey.


*All workshops include Career Coaching sessions. Studies have shown that workshops reinforced with Career Coaching lead to an average 35% increase in productivity among salespeople.


I offer a variety of options for corporations to provide Outplacement Services following a Corporate Reorganization, which can help assist employees who have been laid off or terminated. Our Packages are custom-designed and at a variety of price points. Some of the Packages include Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Workshops, for either individuals or groups, as well as Career Coaching.  

Resume Writing & Editing
Talent Development

FREE 30-min Career Coaching Session

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I’m an Industry Speaker available to speak at your event.

With a diverse range of career-related topics to choose from, including the Job Market, Retention Strategies, Navigating the era of Boomers and Retirement, Talent and Leadership Development, among others, I bring unparalleled expertise and insights to inspire, educate, and empower your audience.


New Career Directions', Lisa Chubinsky, is an experienced career coach offering a range of services to help find the perfect job and career. In addition to resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and hourly career coaching, New Career Directions also offers comprehensive packages tailored to your individual goals to help jumpstart your career and get you pointed in the right direction.

The Professional Career Branding Package

The Professional Career Branding Package

Package includes:

  • A complete re-write of your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • To kick off the writing process we’ll start with a 1-hour Zoom meeting to discuss building your brand. We will explore the types of positions that interest you, your key accomplishments, along with your career and resume/branding goals. This includes zeroing in on necessary key words for increased ATS ranking.

  • Once the work is complete we will wrap up with a 1-hour Zoom meeting for delivery of your new resume and LI Profile. This is our time to answer any remaining questions and also make changes and edits.

FREE 30-min Career Coaching Session

The  Executive’s Package

The Executive’s Package

Package includes:

  • Complete Professional Branding:

  • Re-write of your entire Resume

  • Complete re-write of all sections of your LinkedIn Profile focusing on the Heading and About Sections

  • Cover Letter Template

  • A scheduled Zoom Meeting to kick off the writing process! This includes working directly with Lisa to answer about 35 customized questions to focus on the type of job you want, what interests you, and important keywords. This will help to ensure job/resume alignment. We’ll also discuss your key accomplishments and career goals, along with ATS compatibility.

  • This package comes with 4 hours of Career Coaching and 
    3 months of interview support. This includes continued interview preparation and accountability for optimal success!


Career Coaching and Interview Support may include any of the following based on your needs:


  • Interview Coaching for Virtual and In-Person Interviews

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Benefits, Bonus, and Long-Term Incentive Negotiation

  • Interview Preparation

  • Confidence Building

  • Accountability

  • Navigating Tough Questions

  • Interview Presentation Assistance

  • Role Targeting

  • Interview Debriefing

  • Elevator Pitch Preparation and Practice

  • Interview Answers Preparation

  • LinkedIn Networking, Coaching, and Teaching

FREE 30-min Career Coaching Session

sample resumes

Looking for inspiration for your next job application?

Check out our sample resumes! Our collection showcases a variety of styles and formats that can help you create a winning resume that stands out from the rest. Get valuable insights and ideas on how to present your skills, experience, and achievements in a clear and concise way. If you need more personalized advice and guidance, contact Lisa today to learn more about services available to you.

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FREE 30-min Career Coaching Session

What people are saying


“Lisa’s a great coach! I value her high energy and enthusiasm that she brought to all of our interactions. She’s the best I ever worked with.”  
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