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Lisa Chubinsky, CPC, CTS


A little Bit About Me


I’m one of those who stumbled into Recruiting.

I was always a big dreamer and one of my dreams was to be an opera singer. As with everything in my life, I took that dream very seriously. My father was my biggest fan, and he would always tell me that no one should ever just sit home and dream. You’ve got to go out into the world and make it happen. So, I practiced, worked hard, and went to school. I desperately wanted to move to New York City to pursue my singing and knew that I needed to find a job to support myself. By sheer luck, I found a downtown start-up search firm...

...which seemed like a perfect fit!


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I took business
courses at The New School

My career really started to take off when I moved to

I was being made a partner at the firm

Co-Founders and business partners at New River
Search LLC

I founded New Career Directions

The job was a lot of fun and over time my passion for singing waned. I took business courses at The New School and earned certifications in Temporary Staffing and Direct Hire.

The company grew quickly, and I was instrumental in my employer’s early growth. I opened several new divisions including Legal Services, and Resume Writing, and was promoted to VP of Recruiting.

After many years of city life my husband and I decided the time was right for us to pack up and move to the suburbs. My career really started to take off when I moved to Connecticut.

I joined a well-established search firm and ran my own Direct Hire desk where I built a loyal client following. One of the firm’s partners became my boss and mentor. Among the many things she taught me, I learned the value of spending time with my candidates to coach and guide them with their interviews, resumes, and salary negotiations. The results were undeniable. I recruited and placed candidates at all levels, making at least 1 to 2 placements a week, which is a tremendous volume for one person. After two years the company asked me to hire and train new recruiters. It was also under my boss’s mentorship that I became a big biller, breaking $400K in my own production. In the late 1990s, that was a real accomplishment.

One late Thursday afternoon my boss called me to her office for a private meeting. Just a few days before, I told her that my husband and I had plans to spend the weekend in NYC with tickets to a Broadway show, but she wanted to speak with me before I left. During the meeting, she told me that on Monday she was planning to announce that I was being made a partner at the firm. I was so excited with such great news to kick off my weekend!

On Friday as I was packing to leave, I received a call from my boss’s husband. He was crying and told me that earlier in the day my boss, mentor, and dear friend had suddenly passed away of a massive heartache at the age of 51.

I was heartbroken, and her loss is a void I still feel to this day.

Once the funeral was over, the holidays were right around the corner. In January, I was called into my new boss’s office who told me that all promises made to me were off and that all commissions I was earning on my trainees were canceled. When I called my husband and told him what happened, he suggested it was time for me to open my own firm.


Which is exactly what I did.

Once I went out on my own, I continued to fine-tune my skills as a Recruiter. Over the course of my 30-year career, I’ve advised, recruited, and placed thousands of candidates into a multitude of industries. My experiences include Temporary, Retained and Contingent searches and my clients have included chemicals companies, medical device, pharmaceuticals, law firms, accounting firms, public relations firms, major hospital systems, as well as large corporate employers such as Virgin Atlantic, Quest Diagnostics, McKinsey & Company, and PIMCO. In addition, I’m an industry speaker on career and hiring strategies and have appeared at conferences and workshops throughout the US. I’ve also donated my time to a variety of community service organizations including the Chamber of Commerce and Dress for Success, where I’ve hosted career training workshops. I’ve also been a featured career industry expert on Radio and TV Cable News.

Today my husband Howard and I are Co-Founders and business partners at New River Search LLC which specializes in Executive level searches within Supply Chain Management.

Today, I am the President of New Career Directions, and offer Career Coaching, Group Programs, Outplacement and Talent and Leadership Development for Corporations. My Interview Preparation Package and my flagship coaching package, The New Career Directions Care Package, feature my getReal™ Interview Preparation System which is based on the templates and methods I used real-time as an Executive Recruiter.

Image of people working at the office

I think everyone can find happiness at work. Helping someone improve their career
uplifts their whole life, and it’s a wonderful feeling!

An example of how an experienced recruiter can assist a resume client, with strong practical advice can be illustrated by the following Case Study:

I recently spoke with one of my resume clients who came to me after his interview with another recruiter. He asked me to write a new resume for him so he could give it to the recruiter for the purpose of submitting it to a Fortune 500. It was for a position job that was a perfect fit, and the recruiter gave my client the impression that he had plenty of time to produce the resume. This was terrible advice. When I explained that a top candidate could be interviewing RIGHT NOW for that job and getting an offer, my client was rightly concerned that he would lose the opportunity. So, what I suggested was that he take his current resume and highlight in yellow everything that would interest the new company and then ask his recruiter to forward the highlighted copy. The recruiter agreed and sure enough, a phone interview was scheduled and within a week my client was on a plane (with his new resume) for a face-to-face interview. The advice that I provided to my resume client was based on my experience as a recruiter. The hiring process never waits. Even if you’re told you have plenty of time, you don’t. At any moment the process can shut down because the company hired someone else.

The advice I gave was bold but effective!

when i'm not working

Spending time with my husband and our two grown sons is the best! We always have a lot of fun together and are eager to try new restaurants and explore the Delaware Valley, which we now call home. Together we raised an entitled cat named Jelly who somehow thinks she’s the head of our empty nest.

I became a Career Coach and Resume Writer so YOU can benefit from my years of real-time experience as an Executive Recruiter. In addition to my work with New Career Directions, I’m an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Contact me today for a 30-min Complimentary Career Coaching Session.

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