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  • Writer's pictureLisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC, CPCC


Did you know that when most people are in midlife, they’ve already had about a dozen jobs.

If you've spent much of your time at work daydreaming about doing something else, it may be time to consider a new career.

I’ve always believed that you never have to do one thing with your life, and changing careers can be very rewarding.

Below are a few ideas that may help you ease the transition:

1. Think about what you like to do and begin assessing your skills, interests and values. This will help you pinpoint what you like and what’s important to you.

2. Be open to learning something new. Switching careers will include many things you expect and others that you never anticipated. This is the time to have an open mind. In addition to learning new skills and doing extra reading to get up to speed on topics in your new industry, you may also have to learn different software.

3. Network. NETWORK, NETWORK!! Talk to people who know. Reach out to those who’ve made a career in your new field of choice. It’s good to speak with those professionals who have a track record and understand what you are about to experience.

4. What are your transferrable skills? Think about what you do now and how it can be of value in your new career.

5. Get experience. Classes, volunteering, and internships are all opportunities for experience.

A career change is a process that will take time, patience and ultimately may be the greatest gift to yourself.

Lisa Chubinsky, CPC, CTS, CPCC is the CEO and Founder of Philadelphia based New Career Directions. She is a Certified Career Coach, Resume Writer, Keynote Speaker and Talent Development Advisor to Corporations.

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