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  • Writer's pictureLisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC, CPCC


Lots of candidates right now are asking themselves, “Is it me, or is it the economy?” Candidates who aren’t getting enough job interviews will often be driven by fear.

They start applying to too many positions that don’t align with their experiences, goals, and values, and end up frustrated.😰

Instead of applying to “what’s ever out there,” why not try taking a step back....

Take the time to examine your options and apply to only those positions that are a good fit. If you’re concerned this method won’t provide you with enough jobs to apply to, then it’s time to activate the Hidden Job Market. 💡

One easy way to do this is to go through all of your LinkedIn connections. There’s usually a good number of people who you’ve lost track of, and it’s there that you’ll discover gold! 

Look and see where these friends and colleagues have landed and review their companies' websites, job openings, and search for other past colleagues. 📰

Spending your time on researching new companies that you may not have thought of is a great way to expand your search.

You will be adding Quality, not Quantity. 👍

Quantity leads to wasted time, frustration, and the possibility of ending up in the wrong job. Quality leads to target interviews and companies that align with your goals, values, and motivations.

It will also protect you by keeping you on track with your career strategy. 🌟

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