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How To Build Your Leadership Muscle 💪

Updated: May 6

Colleagues holding up letters that spell the word leadership in front of shadow cascading in the background of a female body builder flexing her muscles
Build your Leadership Muscle

One in five adults exercise every day. Many of us choose to spend our early morning hours at the gym. Regular workouts boost energy, confidence, and overall health.

In highly entrepreneurial positions like Recruiting and Sales, success is rooted in being your own best leader. Every day you need to propel yourself forward, even if you’re not in the mood.

Many in Recruiting and Sales have never formally led a team. Running your own desk or overseeing your own book of business requires you to step into a leadership role and become your own best leader.

So how can you strengthen and build your leadership muscle? One easy way is to time yourself.

At the gym you probably do a certain number of reps and sets. If you lose track of what you’re doing, the next day you’ll need Advil because you will be incredibly sore!

It’s no different in Recruiting and Sales. In these careers, you may have the ability to control your own schedule, but your schedule may control you if you lose track of time.

The timer on your phone is a simple Time Management Tool that will help you to organize your day, and lead to successful performance. All you need to do is schedule realistic time frames for completing tasks. Then set the timer on your phone. Voila!

It’s easy to implement and instantly keeps you moving things forward. After about a week or so, you’ll be hooked!


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Lisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC

Lisa is a Partner with Philadelphia based New River Search, LLC a National Search Firm specialized in Executive Placements for the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Industries.

Lisa has decades of experience as a nationally known Executive Recruiter, where she’s successfully placed and coached thousands of candidates. She applies her knowledge and expertise at New Career Directions, a division of New River Search LLC where she and her team provide Career Coaching, Resume Writing, Talent and Leadership Development, and Outplacement Services.

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