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  • Writer's pictureLisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC, CPCC

Why are career goals so important? ☀️

Understanding the importance of career goals and values is crucial for finding fulfillment at work. When you feel dissatisfied professionally, it often stems from a lack of alignment with your purpose and direction. ✔️ 


By clearly defining and writing down your goals and values, you gain clarity about your purpose, enabling you to target companies and roles that resonate with who you are.


This process is key to uncovering the fulfillment you seek in your career. 💡


Committing to your career goals and values during the application process is essential! Without this commitment, there's a risk of pursuing numerous interviews that do not align with your aspirations.


Your goals should serve as a motivating force, guiding you towards opportunities that match your values and objectives, ultimately leading you to the most suitable roles and organizations. 💪


Successful individuals prioritize their goals and values, making deliberate career decisions rather than acting impulsively or being easily influenced.


Fulfillment in your career comes when you align your professional endeavors with your values and purpose; ultimately paving the way to happiness! 🚀

Lisa Chubinsky, CPC, CTS, CPCC is the CEO and Founder of Philadelphia based New Career Directions. She is a Certified Career Coach, Resume Writer, Keynote Speaker and Talent Development Advisor to Corporations.

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