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So many candidates feel frustrated when they come to me because their resume just isn’t working for them. 

They’ve applied to dozens of jobs and have been invited to only a few interviews. 

So why does this happen over and over❓

Although there are several reasons why a resume may fail, the primary reason is that your resume isn't a good match for the job description.

If your resume doesn't demonstrate that you have at least 80 - 85% of the experience necessary to successfully do the job, you'll probably have a hard time qualifying for an interview.

Often, this miscalculation is due to updating only the top of an old resume. 💡

When you choose to update your resume in this fashion, there tends to be a lot of poor formatting and multiple mismatched fonts which will make the resume look unprofessional.

It may also not represent you in the best light if you have left too much irrelevant information from earlier positions.  

But when you take the time to start fresh and write a resume from scratch, it's an opportunity for you to build a new resume that celebrates the professional who you

are today. 💪

Lisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC, CPCC

She is the CEO and Founder of Philadelphia based New Career Directions, and is a Certified Career Coach, Resume Writer, Keynote Speaker, and Advisor to Corporations.

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