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At the end of the day, the results speak volumes. During the entire process, Lisa was informed, professional, and courteous... Read More


Chart your own course to success with New Career Directions


▪️ Career Coach to Mid and Senior Level Executives 
▪️ Leadership, Training, and Development Programs and Workshops
▪️ Industry Speaker

Are you frustrated with the job search process?

If so, why go it alone? 
It’s worth noting that on average people change jobs at least 12 times throughout their 40-year career. We need to start thinking of these moments as untapped opportunities to rediscover your purpose, realign your career and find happiness at work.

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Hi - My name’s Lisa Chubinsky, CTS, CPC, CPCC and I'm the CEO and Founder of New Career Directions, a Woman-Owned Business. I offer One-On-One Career Coaching, Leadership, and Talent and Development Programs and Workshops, and Outplacement for Corporations.

My expertise comes from over 30 years' experience as an Executive Recruiter. I’ve successfully interviewed, placed, and coached thousands of executives into leading corporations within the Chemicals, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, and Consulting industries. I am also an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. 

At the core of my one-on-one Career Coaching packages and Group Career Coaching programs is my getReal™ Interview Preparation System which is based on the templates and methods I used real-time as an Executive Recruiter.

Your problems, fears and frustrations as a job seeker are real. The solution is to apply tactical action-oriented outcomes so you can experience the successful transformation to a bright new career. 


I know exactly what Candidates, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers are looking for in today’s challenging employment markets, and my goal is to share my knowledge, so YOU have the confidence to blaze New Career Directions.

Spark Engaging Conversations

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Join our thriving community of like-minded professionals, and together, we'll unlock the doors to your professional success! 


What They’re Saying About Lisa

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“If you’re seeking a company to develop new hire workshops for professionalism, communication skills, and strategic social media marketing, look no further than Lisa Chubinsky of New Career Directions.  We were delighted to find Lisa and quickly discovered her experience as a transformational leader helped us transform our new hire process.  Goals to jumpstart new hire employee engagement, improve employee retention/ satisfaction, and accelerate the timetable for new hires to make meaningful contributions to our company were achieved. We are a better company and team because of it!”

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from Lisa Chubinsky

"No one ever said you had to do one thing with your life."

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New Career Directions offers comprehensive Career Coaching, Interview Preparation Coaching, Professional Career Branding including Resume Writing, Talent and Leadership Development, and Outplacement Services to help you explore your full potential, setting you in New Career Directions toward a successful and fulfilling career.

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